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South East District Community Development Council

Broader Objective:

Put yourself in shoes of VWO and CDC; what do you want the resource map to help with?

How do we help agencies and organisations populate and update this resource base so that it stays updated and relevant?

If there are existing useful tools, then our job merely is to point people to them, or teach them how to use


For information and referral, to agencies in the vicinity or proximate

To search for, or discover resources (funding, volunteers, agencies, programmes)

Information categories

i. Available grants for VWOs across all areas of needs (i.e. training, programme funding, IT upgrades)

ii. Available community spaces for VWOs to host events

iii. VWOs in the vicinity

iv. Volunteer resources within the district

Background Info; Resources to integrate

Looking for Funding? (searchable google sheet?)

Looking for Volunteers?

Looking for Space?


Marine Parade

Kembangan-Chai Chee

Braddell Heights

Geylang Serai

Joo Chiat





Kampong Chai Chee

Changi Simei


Types of organisations

Social Service Agencies

Schools (Institutes of Higher Learning; Primary and Secondary Schools)

Town Councils