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[We will take stock of how others have defined these terms, and arrive at our own definitions so that it can encompass the wide array of work and the relevant key constructs (e.g. participation, empowerment, social justice etc). Also how different groups define it could vary, eg government, social workers, community workers etc, so we should take note of this]

Community Work

The National Social Work Competency Framework defines it as a direct practice that involves direct contact with clients and beneficiaries at the community level to address their needs. The key responsibility area for community work in the NSWCF is to: “Develop new community support systems which bring about enhanced psycho social well-being of the community.”

Community Development

"Community development is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline concerned with the organisation, education and empowerment of people within their communities" [1]

Community Engagement

Background and History of Community Development in Singapore

Issues Faced by Community Workers / Organisations

Issue 1 Research Capability of Community Workers

Existing Resources

Lee Choon Guan Research Fund - serves to promote social service research among practitioners in the community. Successful applicants will work with an acad. from social work department in NUS and they get access to NUS research resources. This fund is limited to practitioners with social work qualifications.

Gaps and Their Causes

Possible Solutions

Community Fellowships (e.g.

Issue 2

Existing Resources

Gaps and Their Causes

Possible Solutions

Issue 3

Existing Resources

Gaps and Their Causes

Possible Solutions

Issue 4

Existing Resources

Gaps and Their Causes

Possible Solutions

Local Initiatives

Lin Shiyun and team. -- a community artist and her works in and with the community include: Let’s Go PLay OutSide! (, The Rubbish Prince ( and more.

Resource Directory

Professional Associations

International Association for Community Development

Democratic Innovations and Civic Participation

Founded in 2000 at the University of Maryland as a research center dedicated to the pursuit of democratic renewal, increased civic participation, and community revitalization

Resources on building community wealth, set up by the Democracy Collaborative

"A global community sharing knowledge and stories about public participation and democratic innovations"

Sorted by case studies and approaches (eg participatory budgeting, deliberative polling, citizen's jury). You can post your own cases too.

ABCD Resources

Useful starter kit for practitioners who want to do Asset-Based Community Development

Saul Alinsky texts:

Voluntary Organisations that do Community Work

Beyond Social Services

South Central Community Family Service Centre

Marine Parade Family Service Centre (comm outreach team working with the homeless at East Coast)

AMK Family Service Centre

Tsao Foundation Community for Successful Ageing (ComSA)