Transforming the Non-Profit Sector

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In 2020-2022, IPS and ToteBoard will collaborate to uplift the capability and capacity of the non-profit sector by organising a series of initiatives including a new annual flagship Conference on Transforming the Non-Profit Sector. In the lead-up to each year’s Conference, IPS will organise a series of smaller scale Networks, local Learning Journeys and overseas Study Trip in addition to a larger but relatively informal Community Forum—to sustain the dialogues, consolidate views and broaden connections. This pipeline of initiatives have intrinsic value but also serves as contiguous activities throughout the year to keep up momentum on in the sector towards a common objective to transform and uplift the sector.  


  1. The purpose of this series of interconnected wiki pages is to document and communicate the current developments in various initiatives related to 'Transforming the Non-Profit Sector' so as to coordinate the efforts of all collaborators and co-organiser.
  2. It also acts as a standing invitation to non-profit groups, private corporations and public sector organisations to co-create and co-organise various parts of the initiative. We welcome students, informal groups and ground up initiatives as well!


Pipeline of initiatives that lead up to annual conference

Wiki Challenge

Click for more info: Wiki Challenge

Dates: February - Aug 2020

Community Networks

Click for more info: Community Networks

Dates: Ongoing

Learning Journeys

Click for more info: Learning Journeys

Dates: Ongoing

Study Trips

Click for more info: Study Trips

Date: TBC

Community Forum

Click for more info: Community Forum

Date: Tentatively September 2020

Community Fellows

Click for more info: Community Fellows

Non-Profit Sector Conference

Click for more info: Non-Profit Conference (insert link to official conference page)

Save the Date: 19 Oct 2020

Invitation to Collaborate or Provide Feedback

To indicate your interest to collaborate, or provide feedback, please fill in this Form

Co-Creation Session

At this March 2020 Co-Creation session, IPS and ToteBoard will share plans and ideas for these initiatives. We would also like to seek inputs on the Conference themes, format and possible speakers across three years. In addition, we want to make an open invitation to co-organise various parts of the pipeline of initiatives tentatively planned—such as hosting networks or learning journeys, scoping a study trip, or co-designing the Community Forum.

Date: TBC sometime between 16-19 Mar, in the afternoon

Venue: TBC

To register for this session, please fill in this Form or contact: Justin Lee, email: