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There are three objectives to this Wiki site:

  • First, to keep the discourse on inequality in Singapore going;
  • Second, to focus on events and writings about the (perceived) problem, with the broader and longer-term goal of organising these events and writings; as well as
  • Third, to moot and debate policy recommendations and to promote community resources.

This Wiki site has been populated with some predetermined sections - Events, Articles and Readings, Policy Ideas, and Community Projects - but users are encouraged to not only add content and updates, but to also amend the structure wherever applicable. In the even longer-term, the continuation of a community, ground-up initiative would ideally allow for engagement with the government too. For now, should you have questions or contributions, email us at clarencekh[a] and jinyao.guan.yin.miao[a]


This is a list of upcoming and past events.

The registration or sign-up link is the focus for upcoming events, while the post-event report(s) - the form of which is left up to the organisers, such as news articles or summary reports - is the focus for past events.

Upcoming events:

Event Date Organisation Registration Link
Panel - Poverty has a Woman’s Face: Gender’s Role in Work, Care, and Economic Inequality in Singapore August 11, 2018 AWARE Singapore Link
Youth Conversations: Is Life Fair (Part I) August 18, 2018 National Youth Council Link
Youth Dialogue Session August 25, 2018 Ministry of Education Link
Youth Conversations: Is Life Fair (Part II) September 8, 2018 National Youth Council Link

Past events:

Event Date Organisation Post-Event Report(s)
Youth Conversations: Is Life Fair (Part I) June 30, 2018 National Youth Council
Youth Conversations: Is Life Fair (Part I) July 7, 2018 National Youth Council
“Bridge The Gap”: A Youth Discussion On Inequality And The Class Divide In Singapore July 14, 2018 Independent
Deep-Dive Discussion: This is What Inequality Looks Like August 5, 2018 - Books and Beer Singapore

- Cassia Resettlement Team

- Ethos Books

- Pulse!

Articles and Readings

There are two sub-sections. For a start, when including articles and readings from different sources, include the headline, a link, the source (i.e. name of the newspaper, online site, or journal), and a synopsis of 50 words or fewer (if possible). The initial aim is to populate this section with as many articles and readings as possible, before organising them into a directory, thematically.

Articles and Readings in the Mainstream and Online Media

  • Format: Headline (link), source. A synopsis of 50 words or fewer.

Academic Articles, Research Articles, and Books

  • Format: Headline (link), source. A synopsis of 50 words or fewer.

Community Projects

The focus is on community projects which Singaporeans could be involved in. Share the name of the organisation, a synopsis of the organisation's work (with an emphasis on inequality and the class divide) in 100 words of fewer, and a link to find out more or to get involved.

Organisation Synopsis of Organisation's Work

(in 100 words or fewer)

Halogen Foundation