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About This

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We hope to create a 'live' and always updated knowledge base about the social needs in Singapore through the contributions of all who have an interest in these issues.

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This initiative empowers Singaporeans to 1) identify social needs and map out community resources; 2) determine service and policy gaps; and 3) suggest possible ideas and solutions.[1] The objective is to produce a constantly-updated knowledge base by coherently accumulating relevant statistics and trends, track community developments; and crowd-source good ideas. Once a year, practitioners, community partners and researchers can collectively make sense of the existing information to generate a yearly 'needs and gaps report' for informing policy, supporting advocacy and highlighting knowledge gaps to guide further research.

Anyone can contribute to these wiki pages, but each specific social cause (Disability, Migant Workers, Seniors) is anchored by a team from diverse partner organisations who will provide editorial work, solicit expert inputs and also convene sense-making meetings to refine and improve the knowledge base. If you would like to join a social cause team, please click on that page to find the respective contact details.

The broader initiative is a collaborative effort of diverse nonprofit organizations and individuals providing backbone support such as devising editorial policies and guidelines, training users and designing the 'look and feel' of the wiki pages. We also need people who can communicate the purpose and value of this work, so that more can come on board. For more details on who we are and our plans, see our Action plan. If you would like to join us to provide backbone support to this initiative, look at our action plan to select the team(s) you are interested in, and get in touch with the contact person.

We are also looking for volunteers to complete very specific tasks and projects. Click here to see a list of volunteer tasks

Social Needs and Community Assets

Vulnerable or Disadvantaged Groups

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Adults with Autism

Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment


Migrant workers


Financially Vulnerable Seniors

Vulnerable Families

Single Parents


Mental Health

Youth with mental health issues

Youth at risk



Community Assets


Community Arts

Localities and Communities




Research Needs

Guide for Contributors

Basic instructions

You can contribute by inserting relevant facts and referencing their source.

We welcome your professional judgment or expert analyses especially if you are able to provide evidence or justification.

Note that this is not a platform for service complaints, but your own personal experiences and anecdotes are welcome as long as you put them within squiggly brackets {...}

We also use square brackets [...] to flag knowledge or information gaps.

Starting a new page

If there is a social cause or client group that is not here yet, you may start a new page. If you want to start a page for a client segment, eg 'Adults with Autism', you can link your page within the main 'Disability' Page.

You may please click on this link to cut and paste the template to help you get started.

Detailed guides

For detailed guidelines, please see Needs Assessment Guide. This is still a work in progress and will be refined over time.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.