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1 Community Resources for Children & Youth| | 2 Community Resources for Seniors| | 1.2 Community Resources for Mental Health| | 1.3 Community Resources for Families | | Financial and Meal Resources | | 3 Statistics of Public Rental Blocks | | 3.1 Needs and Gaps | |

1. Community Resources for Children & Youth

1.1 Okios Sengkang

a. Oikos SengKang is Social Services registered Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) located in Sengkang, to build stronger families in the local community. b. Provides counselling for children and families, weekly tuition for (K1 to Sec 2 children), Pre-School Outreach c. d. Opening Hours - Mon - Fri 9:30 to 5pm

  31 Anchorvale Rd, Singapore 545056
  6386 0626

1.2 Spright Academy

a. First established in 1987, Spright Academy (formerly known as Before and After School Individualised Care (BASIC)) has since evolved and expanded to three centres to better serve the needs of the community. Spright Academy provides care for unsupervised children between seven and 14 years old. b. Providing student care, emotional and physical development, academic tutoring c. d. Opening Hours - Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm

  23A Compassvale Walk, #01-633, 541223
  6312 5632

1.3 MorningStar (SengKang Centre)

a. Morning Star Community Services is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) which aims to enrich and strengthen family relationships in Singapore. By empowering individuals and families, we strive to build vibrant communities that can make a difference to society. b. Student Care Services, Counselling Therapy Services for children c. d. Opening Hours - Mon - Fri: 12 - 6:30pm, Sat: 7:30am - 1:30pm

  261B Sengkang E Way, #01-400, Singapore 542261
  6315 8812

1.4. Touch Young Arrows @ (Rivervale Delta RC Centre)

a. TYA believes that children can be nurtured and sharpened like arrows to make a positive impact in society, and to be future leaders. TYA aims to nurture children aged six to 12, from low-income or single-parent families through programmes conducted by committed teams of volunteer coaches across 25 TYA Clubs in Singapore. With a low volunteer-child ratio, special focus is set aside to meet the children's social, emotional and educational needs. As part of TYA’s vision to nurture children, TYA believes in strengthening families as well as enabling volunteers to help children realise their potential. b. Weekly one and a half hours of free academic coaching (English and Mathematics) followed by one hour of values-driven activities Year-round character development camps Year-round family bonding events and parenting talks Home visitation and social assistance c. d. Opening Hours -10am - 12:30pm, Sat

    Rivervale Delta RC Centre Blk 164 Rivervale Crescent S541164

1.5. Sengkang Community Library

a. The library does have reading groups available for people to join. For example, a book ninja’s club was begun in

     March this year ( programme website:

b. Opening Hours c. Reopened in March 2017, there is a new dedicated tween space designed for readers between 10 to 14 years old, which is unique to Sengkang Public Library. Another special feature of the library is the Book Drop area, located at Level 4, where the Early Literacy section for younger children is also situated. With a clear view of the back room, visitors can see how books are sorted as the Auto Sorter system work its magic as returned books travel on the conveyor belt.

1.6 Bethesda Care Joy Connection

a. In keeping with its name, at JOY Connection, our staff look after and nurture students in a joyous environment. To them, the development of joyful children through meaningful interactions and imaginative lessons is very important. Our students discover and experience the true joy of learning.

b. Address: Blk 958 Hougang St 91 #01-268 Singapore 530958

c. Schedule: Mon to Fri: 1.00pm to 7.00pm

d.Contact: Mrs Jane Kong, Centre Manager

Tel: 6315 4276

Email: [[1]]

e. Office hours: Mon to Fri: 10.00am to 7.00pm

1.7 Bethesda Care Royal Rangers Outpost 22

a. Started in 2015, our heavily subsidised tuition programme aims to provide academic assistance to students from low income families staying in Hougang, Sengkang and Punggol. During our weekly tuition sessions, students will be coached based on the latest MOE syllabus by our passionate group of volunteer tutors whose main goal is to see every child succeed. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to allow our tutors to better focus their attention and tweak their teaching methods to suit the needs of these students.

b. Address: Blk 958 Hougang Street 91 #01-268, S530958

Blk 242 Hougang Street 22, #01-93, S530242

c.Subjects: English and Mathematics (Primary Level)

d. Eligibility Criteria: Household income < $2500, Per capita income < $800

e. Contact: Mr Seth Hwang

Tel: 6340 4159

Email: [[2]]

2. Community Resources for Seniors

2.1 Bethesda Care Seniors Connect

a. Senior Connect is a programme that comprises a range of fun activities such as physical exercises, games, crafts, singing and talks to promote a holistic lifestyle. This helps the seniors to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being. This programme is ideal for those aged 45 years and above.

b. Senior Connect 574

Address: Blk 574 Hougang St 51 #01-09 Singapore 530574

Schedule: Sat: 8.00am to 12.00noon

Contact:Ms Mabel Chan, Tel: 9797 6105

c. Senior Connect 603

Address: Blk 603 Hougang Ave 4 #01-221 Singapore 530603

Schedule: Tue & Sat 9.00am to 12.00noon

Contact: Pastor Angeline Quek

Tel: 6340 4147


2.2 Methodist Welfare Services SAC- Fernvale Rivergrove

a. Opened in 2015 and serve seniors aged 55 and above of all races and religions.

b. Services

Active Ageing Activities

Through many social and recreational activities


Make friends and receive emotional and psychological support

Care & Referral Services

Catered to health and wellness needs

Share a Recipe & Hands On Learning”  Program

To encourage seniors to share and cook traditional food recipes to strengthen community ties

Address: 473A Fernvale Street #01-17 S(791473)

Contact: 64817395