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In engaging with communities, having socially conscious media platforms is also an advocacy arm for many projects. These platforms could serve as informative, interactive or just personal stories and reflections on their interactions and/or knowledge with the community.

Some of these channels can be found on Instagram, Telegram or even other social media platforms.

The list listed here are non-exhaustive.

The Best of You

Our Grandfather Story

On Instagram

IG Username Social Cause Genre Short Write-Up of Page Link
@heyyougotmailsg Seniors Remote Volunteeering The Hey! You Got Mail Project started off in wanting to spread positivity during Covid-19 when families are being restricted to seeing each other. The team designs, makes and mails high quality handmade cards on your behalf to someone you love, or a community you want to support as part of #sgunited. With just $2 from us, they will make and mail 1 card to a person you care about, and 1 card for the senior staying in their partner nursing home (1+1). Social Issues Stories Started to build a community of people who care by sharing everyday stories. Currently, they are working on a video series exploring how different communities of people are affected by Covid-19 in Singapore
@ignitemediasg Social Issues Articles Ignite Media is an online publication dedicated to shedding light on social issues, based in Singapore.
@openjio Social Issues Stories OpenJio is a community for people who want to care more about social issues in Singapore. They see the value in collectively and have been actively sharing event opportunities on their Telegram Page. On Instagram, they have been putting up various personal volunteer and intern features in the social space.
@thisisscope Social Issues Informative, Interactive Content This is Scope! is a channel where they regularly explore different social issues, and find out what we can do to help shape our community for the better.
@whatareyoudoingsg Social Issues Stories A volunteer group of storytellers, documenting the everyday efforts of heroes working to help others through the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Issues, Policies Social Issues Based in Singapore, is a project aimed at encouraging civic participation and discussion regarding Singapore's politics and policies through reflection and participation.
@kelliepandasg Mental Health Informative Kellie is currently a student studying in SUTD. She has been actively involving herself in different communities and is an active advocate for mental health. Her content covers comprehensively on different aspects of mental health, and is looking to deliver more content to people as well!
@inonestory Mental Health Stories The team believes Our Story is Your story in One story. ⁣They love stories of real people — imperfect and broken, like you and me. ⁣

⁣ It’s easy to feel like you are alone in this life - where being misunderstood, mislabelled and misjudged is increasingly a norm. ⁣

@earthtodorcas Mental Health Personal, Creative Art Dorcas is an avid art lover who seeks to advocate for social causes through her art.
@thecrazypsychkid Mental Health Informative Haziqah is currently a psychological student in NUS and she is an active mental health advocate. She has gone through several mental disorders in her life, and she hopes to raise awareness, spark and normalise conversations about mental health in our society today.
@calmseed Mental Health Creative Art Started by a psychology student in Singapore, @calmseed is promoting mental health, spreading its awareness and fighting its stigma against it through her art work and provides various tips for self-care through her doodles.
@ericiaa_ Mental Health Personal, Creative Art Ericia prides herself as an artist, writer, mental health advocate, survivor and an aspiring therapist. Her work centres around trauma, mental health and healing. She greatly sees the value in softness, vulnerability and sensitivity. And her art expresses and embraces that.
@ycs.mhc Mental Health Informative Started by a youth-led cluster (Mental Health Cluster) under Youth Corps Singapore, the page shares with us various information on a spectrum of issues surrounding mental health. Their content includes bite-sized information, creative art and even personal stories by people who submitted their stories.
@openjio Social Issues Stories OpenJio is a community for people who want to care more about social issues in Singapore. They see the value in collectively and have been actively sharing event opportunities on their Telegram Page. On Instagram, they have been putting up various personal volunteer and intern features in the social space.
@maidformoresg Domestic Workers, Migrants Informative Started and run by young advocates for the dignity and fair treatment of migrant domestic workers in Singapore, they have been actively churning out content to raise awareness about the domestic workers community in Singapore, that often go unseen.
@youthcolab Social Issues Informative Youth Co:Lab is a youth movment for empowerment, equality, social inclusion and social justice in Asia-Pacific. They focus on empowering and investing in young people to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainble Development Goals through leadership, social innovation and entreprenurship. Their content revolves around social intiatives, and talks/dialogues and facts on issues surrounding Asia-Pacific. (ok idk if this fits the criteria HAHA)
@project.empowher Social Issues, Women Empowerment Informative Started by a group of Y4 RGS students, Project EmpowHER aims to promote female empowerment and raise awareness about gender inequality. Their content currently consists of sharing of prominent female figures and their stories, and informative posts on Covid19 and it's effect on vulnerable women.
@welcomeinmybackyard Domestic Workers, Migrants Informative Started as a campaign to help migrant workers feel welcomed in our neighbourhood especially during the pandemic crisis, this page looks to address residents' concerns and debunk misconception while also creating a safe for our migrant worker neighbours. Their content mainly includes words of encouragements by the public and promoting intatitives that revolves around the migrant worker community.
@projectbarebears Mental Health Informative A group of students from Hwa Chong Institution working with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to help raise awareness for mental health issues and bridge the gap between patients and the public.
REACH Youth Services Youth Organisation, Publicity Targetted to the youth at their centre with most of their posts featuring their updated schedules for programmes, youth-in-action during their programmes and their updates.
Beyond Social Services Families, Youth, Children Organisation, Publicity Beyond shares mainly stories, portraits and videos of individuals in the community that they work with, as well as any upcoming events and programmes that they have such as The Community Theatre (#TCT).
Youth Corps Singapore Youth Organisation, Publicity Shares volunteering stories, and upcoming opportunities that youth get to take part in about talks, volunteering events, programmes etc.

Various Forms of Advocacy:

  • Informative: Seeking to share information and knowledge about the community
    • Different approaches could be taken (e.g. solely sharing information, actively wanting action to be taken)
  • Advocacy Arm of a SSA/NPO/SE/Community Initiative etc: Sharing about the services they do, stories of the communities they work with etc.

Important to:

  • Understand your objectives and purpose of starting that Instagram Page
  • Identifying your target audience (key in producing content)
  • Relevance or difference of content to what's already available there

On Telegram

Channel Name Genre Link
OpenJio Seminars
VolunteerJio Volunteering Opportunities
MSF Cares Informative
SG Social Worker Informative
Youth Corps Singapore Volunteering Opportunities, Talks
VolunteerSG Volunteering Opportunities
Happiness Initiative Interactive Discussions