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Community Networks

Community Networks are focused on a broadly defined domain of interest/social cause or locality.

Issue-Based Communities

Locality-Based Communities

  • Connect with young adults who live near you Friendzone
  • SGCares Community Networks (Since 2018, MCCY and MSF have co-organised SG Cares Community Network sessions to bring together agencies and partners to discuss issues in their respective towns and explore areas where they can work together to address them)
  • Northeast District (ask if Amos wants to list and get involved with others)

Community Interest Groups

Community Interest Groups are focused on a specific issue or concept, and come together to learn about and share knowledge with one another.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are focused on improving existing professional or technical expertise.

  • Service Learning Community of Practice
  • Research Community of Practice (contact Denise Liu)
  • Theory of Change Informal Working Group (contact Carol Liew: [[1]] )
    • We are looking for like-minded individuals who would want to start a small informal working group together with us at Just Cause to collectively brainstorm and test new/different ways of facilitating theory of change workshops over the next 6-12 months. If you have facilitation experience and/or have great ideas for how we might improve this classic tool please get in touch!
  • Think For Good (A Design Thinking group that does ideation sessions once a month; ask Simon Siah if he wants to be listed)
  • Civic Tech / Tech for Good (?)

Community Action Groups

Community Action Groups go beyond sharing knowledge and studying an issue, and are focused on an action plan to achieve a specific goal.

Community Forum