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Logo.png is an open collaboration initiative working towards a ground-up understanding of social needs, gaps and solutions in Singapore through this online wiki platform and offline networks centred on target populations. 

It started when a core founding member sent a paper studying end-of-life issues to a stakeholder in the end-of-life community for her inputs. This surfaced a different side to the same story, enriched it with more data and added depth to the analysis.

We thought about how the wider community in Singapore could make sense of social issues in the same way. Hence, we created this platform as a test bed to build collective wisdom on local social problems, hoping to tap on each other’s insights to come up with ground up solutions together.

We have structured this Wiki with 4 main sections on the menu bar:

  • Issues
  • Community Assets
  • Localities & Communities
  • Interest Areas

Please click here for more about the initiative.

To start contributing, consult the Guide for Contributors.

Key Dates

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Issues/Community Assets and Sub-Pages

Vulnerable or Disadvantaged Groups



Page to Disability Community Network

Page to Autism

Page to Hearing Impairment

Page to Visual Impairment

Page to Arts and Disability

Page to Intellectual Disability

End of Life

Page to White Paper

Page to End of Life



Page to Single Parents

Page to Homelessness

Page to Low-income Families

Page to Teenage Pregnancy

Migrant workers


Page to Financially Vulnerable Seniors

Page to End of Life

Mental Health

Page to Youth with Mental Health Issues

Page to Adults with Mental Health Issues

Page to Problem Gambling

Page to Mental Health Network

Youth at risk

Page to Juvenile Delinquents

Page to Youth with Mental Health Issues

Page to Teenage Pregnancy

Page to Drug Abuse


Page to Divorce

Page to Single Parents

Page to Sexual Violence

Page to Teenage Pregnancy



Community Assets


Community Arts

Page to Community Arts

Page to Arts and Disability

Community Development

Page to Community Development

Page to Community Development Network


Community Service and Service Learning Offices

Social Cause Consultancies

Designers and Creatives


Socially Conscious Media Platforms


Games for Good

Youth Workers


Social Agriculture

Social Enterprises

Social Workers

Page to Social Work Supervision

Student Groups



Localities and Communities

Lengkok Bahru




Idea Bank

Page to Idea Bank